Tony “Bees” Planakis

Tony “Bees” Planakis

(a.k.a. The Bee Cop)

Tony Bees!  That’s what his friends call him.  NYPD’s official go-to guy for all things bees, Tony began his beekeeping activities as a teenager, learning from his Cypress born father – who also kept bees since he was a boy.

Tony is often called on to recover bee swarms in the New York Metro area – whether they take over a mailbox in Chinatown or a streetlamp in Chelsea – if its got to do with bees – you gotta call Tony Bees.

Tony has a lifelong passion for beekeeping and like the Bee Guru and the Bee Medic – the Bee Cop is doing all he can to inform the public about the consequences of colony collapse disorder.

In the finale of the film, the Bee Guru and the Bee Cop team up for a rescue in Queens.  Later, Tony Bees invites the Bee Guru to his backyard where they extract some honey and talk shop!

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