Leslie Ellis

Leslie Ellis

Executive Producer (a.k.a. “The Bee Angel”)

Leslie Ellis is a Denver-based analysis consultant and prolific writer covers the multichannel and broadband delivery space for Multichannel News.  Her weekly column “Translation Please” (now in its 12th year) breaks down the dense language surrounding the technologies and technology strategies of service providers with a concentration in cable.

Since 2001, Ms. Ellis has served as Senior Technology Advisor to the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).

In 2008 Leslie was the on camera presenter for Multichannel News’ first Documentary, TV and Beyond, her first collaboration with Director, David Knappe.  The two would co-create multiple news stories for MCN – covering many cable operators & technology innovation stories.

In 2010, she was named Woman of the Year by The Society of Cable & Telecommunications Engineers and The National Women in Cable and Telecommunications.

Ellis wrote the A-to-Z dictionaries “Definitive Broadband” and “Definitive Broadband: Next Generation”.

In 2011, Leslie became a beekeeper and is passionate about educating as many people as possible, the benefits of these magnificent creatures that provide 1/3 of the earth’s food supply.  “Ladies who Bee” is a new group of women beekeepers launched this year by Leslie, most recently attended by the president of the Colorado Beekeepers Association.  In September 2011, Leslie and David Knappe began filming “Bee People”.

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