Gregg McMahan

Gregg McMahan

Gregg McMahan (a.k.a. “The Bee Guru”) has worked in sales, has been a contractor and managed a restaurant in Hawaii.  At his own admission, he’s worked just about everywhere until he met his true passion: all things bees.

As the principle owner of Rocky Mountain Bee Removal, Rescue and Education, Gregg spreads the word every day about Bee Magic – that feeling that comes over you when you get hooked on bees.  Also known as The Bee Fever.

Gregg is called on frequently to rescue swarms and colonies of bees that have embedded themselves into houses, barns, offices – you name it.  And instead of fumigating or exterminating the bees, Gregg finds each colony a new home.

“There’s nothing more greener than becoming a beekeeper”, Gregg often muses. “It will be the urban beekeeper who saves the bees,” says the guru.  He doesn’t mean one urban beekeeper keeping 600 hives.  He means 600 people each keeping one hive.  In fact, one hive every 2 miles in the urban setting would insure a healthy bee population and be a boon to urban gardeners.  And lately urban hives are all the rage.

Gregg teaches beekeeping classes for young and old alike.  He’s unorthodox – and he keeps his student’s attention.  A a bit of a rock and roller, Gregg can best be described as one part Elvis, a twist of Jack Nicholson and 100% extreme beekeeper.  Suffering 8 or 9 stings to the face on a bee rescue is nothing to him.  The Bee Guru is passionate and knowledgeable – and it shows.

The central figure in the film, Gregg takes the viewer on an enlightening yet highly entertaining journey into the wild world of Bee People.

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