Hi, I’m Leslie, and I’m a Backyard Beekeeper

Hi. I’m Leslie. I’m a second year beekeeper, with 2 backyard hives – one in its first year, one in its second.

In my non-bee life, I’m a self-employed tech writer specializing in cable, satellite and broadband. Because of that, I was fortunate to be teamed up with David Knappe a few years ago, on an assignment to make a decade-by-decade documentary about the history of cable TV. (Hey. Stop making that face! It really is a fascinating industry. No really.)

Last year, when I started beekeeping, I couldn’t get enough of the topic. It’s endlessly interesting.

Like any good rookie beekeeper, I took a class in Denver taught by the local “bee guru” – a guy named Gregg MacMahan. My first impression of Gregg was two-fold:

1) “This guy reminds me of Jack Nicholson.”

2) “This guy has the same energy as Steve Irwin, the crocodile wrestler.”

He should have his own TV show!

(Actually, my very first impression is documented in my verbatim notes from the class – but that’s a story for much later. After you get to know Gregg. 😉

I shared both observations with Gregg over a bagel at a break. He rolled his eyes and said “yeah, yeah, I hear that all the time.”

Soon after that, I called Dave – whom I call “Hoboken,” because that’s where he lives, and it’s fun to say. What would it take, I asked him, to put together a documentary and a TV show pilot about backyard beekeeping?

And here we are, almost a year into doing just that. We’re calling it BEE PEOPLE: GET STUNG!, and we’re targeting completion this year. Hopefully by September, if “work that pays the bills” doesn’t keep getting in the way!

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